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3 Undeniable Reasons To Buy Alfa Romeo

Shopping for a new car has the tendency to be both overwhelming and exciting at the same time. If you're ready to drive a car you can be proud of, it's time to consider buying Alfa Romeo. Alfa Romeo cars have a reputation for distinctive Italian style, revolutionary technology, and race-inspired features. In this review, we will share three undeniable reasons to buy Alfa Romeo.

1.    Genuine Italian Style

Why settle for second best when you can have authentic Italian style? Alfa Romeo cars boast the kind of style that makes people turn and stare. The 4C is the most stylish of all, flaunting a sleek, muscular body and stunning design. Italian style doesn't get much more authentic than the 4C, seeing as it is hand built in Modena, Italy by expert technicians. The MiTo and Giulietta also carry on Alfa Romeo's legacy of exquisite style, featuring bold colours, teardrop headlights, and alloy wheels. Lastly, we can't talk about Alfa Romeo style without mentioning the Quadrifoglio Verde. This symbolic four-leaf clover badge is the icing on the cake of Alfa Romeo style, having represented the brand for nearly 100 years.

2.    Revolutionary Performance

The second undeniable reason to buy Alfa Romeo is that it is on the cutting edge of technological advancement. Alfa Romeo's dissatisfaction with the status quo has led them to implement sophisticated technology. One example of this is the MultiAir technology that is used to power the MiTo's engines. Engines powered by MultiAir technology offer reduced C02 emissions, enhanced fuel efficiency, and improved performance. Additionally, the Alfa Romeo 4C is equipped with a revolutionary after run pump. This pump allows oil to continue to circulate after the engine has been stopped, in order to allow it to cool properly and prevent the build-up of harmful residue.

3.    Luxurious Features

As if incredible style and revolutionary performance weren't reason enough to buy Alfa Romeo, you can also take the cars' luxurious features into consideration. For example, you can expect features like built in touchscreen navigation and hands free music. Not only that, but the QV variants offer a built in Bose sound system. Additionally, the interior features of the 4C are race-inspired, featuring dashboard controls that are oriented toward the driver, and competition seats.

If you're ready to experience the thrill of owning Alfa Romeo, request a quote of the MiTo today.