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3 Things You'll Love About The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

Turbocharged and boasting air-slicing aerodynamics, the red-blooded, always-ready-for-action Alfa Romeo 4C Spider has Australian tongues wagging. This stylish supercar brings to mind the automaker's longstanding racing tradition. It looks and performs like its track-tested predecessors.

You may not believe in love at first sight. But prepare to have your breath taken away when you lay eyes on this paragon of quality Italian craftsmanship. With unrivalled power bristling under cover and a beautifully-seductive exterior, the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is one of today's most spectacular sports cars.

There's a lot to love about the new 4C. Here are three aspects that are guaranteed to rate highly among motor sport enthusiasts.

#1 – State-Of-The-Art Power Plant
Inside the compact engine compartment rests a 1750 cc power plant capable of launching the 4C from a dead stop to 100 km per hr in just 4.5 seconds. That's thanks in part to its advanced turbocharger. The 4C's engine is designed to deliver the performance you'd expect from a race car.
But the turbocharger doesn't act alone. The engine also offers continuous variable valve timing for more efficient operation; direct fuel injection through a pressurised injector to effect an optimal petrol/air ratio in the cylinders, and scavenging technology that ensures a clean burn.

#2 – Suspension Built For Comfort
The engine tends to get most of the glory. But the unsung hero of the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is its suspension system. It minimises the effect of bumps in the road. Without it, you'd feel every pebble and twig. It also gives you more control in the driver's seat; the car will hug the road regardless of how aggressively you pull the steering wheel.
The 4C is outfitted with a state-of-the-art MacPherson suspension. It's considered the “best in class” by many auto aficionados.

#3 – Archetypal Italian Craftsmanship
Performance and styling go hand in hand. That fact wasn't lost on the engineers responsible for the 4C's body and interior. Aerodynamic with ultra-smooth curves from head to toe, the composite body shell is primed to deliver a fast, exhilarating ride.
The passenger cabin seats two in a sleek carbon fibre wrap. From the instrument panel and competition seating to the aluminium pedals and heel guards, every detail has been seen to.

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider was designed to leave a lasting impression.
Reading about the 4C only provides a glimpse of its best features. To see this remarkable supercar in action, visit the Alfa Romeo dealer in your city. Schedule a test drive to put the 4C through its paces. That's the only way to truly discover why it's generating such excitement among the Alfisti.