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3 Reasons To Test Drive The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

Auto reviews offer limited insight.
You can read about the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider's blistering speed (it tops out at 258 km/hr), cutting-edge engine technology and state-of-the-art suspension system. But such details, while informative, don't do the car justice. They can't. To truly appreciate the 4C's quality engineering and precise craftsmanship, you need a behind-the-wheel experience.
If you're looking for a car that offers a higher level of performance than the common cabrio, take the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider for a spin. Following are three reasons to schedule a test drive at your local Alfa Romeo dealer.

#1 – 6-Speed Dual-Clutch Automatic Transmission
Dual-clutch transmissions offer noteworthy advantages over continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) and manual transmissions. They boast two gear shafts, a feature that optimises the smoothness of the gear changes as you speed up and slow down. The changes occur in milliseconds, which results in improved ride quality.
Dual-clutch configurations also provide better acceleration and improved fuel efficiency. The differences are especially noticeable when comparing this type of transmission to a conventional manual gearbox.
The engineers behind the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider have equipped the car with an advanced 6-speed dual-clutch transmission. Bolted to the auto's 1.75-litre turbocharged power plant, it guarantees racetrack-worthy performance.

#2 – Plush Interior With Competition Seats
By “plush,” we don't mean the interior is outfitted with lavish fur seats and other sumptuous, but superfluous accoutrements. On the contrary, like all top-performing sports cars, the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider's cabin has a no-frills feel. But it possesses an upscale design that complements its racing pedigree.
Competition seats ensure you and your passenger are sitting up straight, appropriate if you were speeding down the racetrack. Light padding provides comfort without adding unnecessary weight that would otherwise impede your speed.

#3 – The Aura Of A Formula 1 Car
Everything about the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider reflects the automaker's motor sport heritage. The body design has the standard characteristics of a performance sports car, from its low ground clearance to its aerodynamic curves. Meanwhile, the 4C's interior is designed like a two-seated cockpit; every important gauge is within the driver's grasp.

In Formula 1 racing, cars are constructed with lightweight frames made of carbon fibre composites. Manoeuvrability and a low centre of gravity are critical. The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider was designed with those same features. The result is a sensational supercar that's sure to gratify the most demanding drivers.

As noted above, test driving the 4C is the only way to experience it. Visit your city's Alfa Romeo dealership to see this sports car up-close. Get a firsthand, behind-the-wheel glimpse at the latest entrant in the Alfa Romeo racing bloodline.