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How The Introduction Of Alfa Romeo 4C To The Australian Market Changes The Face Of Driving


There will soon be a new player in the landscape of Australian automobiles. With the introduction of the Alfa Romeo 4C, drivers are treated to a whole new breed of automobile. With a gorgeous look inside and out, supported by some of the best technology available, this car will change the way people view sports cars.

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5 Things Driving The Success Of The Alfa Romeo Giulietta


The Giulietta, arguably the most popular vehicle under the Alfa Romeo brand, has been praised for a number of reasons. Consumers love its fresh styling and impressive fuel economy. Automotive experts commend its powerful engine and respectable torque. In truth, the Giulietta offers such a perfect cocktail of verve, sophistication, and drivability that nearly everyone will find something to love about it.

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5 Ways The Alfa Romeo 4C Is Impressing Car Experts


No one technically needs a super car. But once you see the Alfa Romeo 4C, your brain will try to convince you otherwise. This sleek rear-wheel drive coupe is handcrafted by Italian designers and engineers. It's an untamed alternative to the subdued vehicles you normally see on the road. Even at low speeds, the 4C gives the impression that it's ready to spring into action.

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Adjust Your Driving Experience With The Alfa MiTo DNA System


For those who like to drive for the sheer pleasure of driving, the Alfa Romeo DNA System on the Alfa MiTo is a dream come true. The DNA system's capabilities are unheard of in a mini, and allow an Alfa MiTo driver to select from three different driving modes with a simple shift of the gearbox.

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Alfa Romeo 4C Price Makes The Supercar Affordable


Of all the features of the new Alfa Romeo 4C, it is the Alfa Romeo 4C price that is getting the most attention. The affordability of the luxury Italian motor vehicle is a large part of its appeal, though the auto's performance and good looks aren't to be ignored either.

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Dreaming Of Customisation Options On The Alfa 4C In Australia


One of the reasons many long-standing Alfa Romeo fans give for their love of the auto manufacturer are that Alfas just look different. They don't resemble the day-to-day cars on the street; they don't copycat performance supercars; Alfa Romeos have a look that is all their own. They are head-turning automobiles that command attention wherever they go.

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