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Carrozzeria Touring And Alfa Romeo

Carrozzeria Touring is a design house that is responsible for some of the most impressive Alfa Romeos to ever grace the raceway including the 8C, the 2500, the 1900 SS (Super Sprint), the 2000, the 2600 convertible, the GTC, and the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante.  

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Bertone Legendary Designs

Since opening its doors in 1912, the Bertone design house has been associated with painstaking craftsmanship and quality construction.

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The Zagato Design House And Alfa Race Cars

Zagato is a visionary design house that can be credited with advancing technologies that led to lightweight auto design, a primary feature of the Alfa Romeo brand. The founder, Ugo Zagato, had a background in aeronautics and believed that many of the same principles of lightweight design used in ...

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Alfa 4C Price: Giving Drivers The Luxury And Value That They Deserve

Wondering just what you'll get for the Alfa 4C price? As this vehicle gains a further foothold in the Australian marketplace, many drivers are wondering the same thing. Knowing some of the many features and amenities that you'll enjoy with the Alfa 4C price tag can help you decide if this vehicle...

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Three Ways You Will Fall In Love With The Alfa Romeo 4C Interior

There is no denying that Alfa's 4C is a beautiful car to behold. Inspired by what is considered to be the most beautiful car ever made, its body has a sleek look, with every inch having been thought out and executed perfectly. The same holds true for the Alfa Romeo 4C interior. Racing inspired, f...

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The Pininfarina - Alfa Romeo Partnership

A long favoured auto designer, Pininfarina, is one of Alfa Romeo's go-to design houses with Alfa and Pininfarina having partnered since the 1930s when the Alfa Romeo 8C was introduced. The relationship was a perfect match from the start with both companies committed to creating stylish and innova...

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Alfa Romeo 4C: Raising The Bar On Supercar Expectation

Tired of having the term "supercar" haphazardly applied to vehicles that simply don’t live up to the label? You may be ready for the new Alfa Romeo 4C. Offering a wide range of both fun and functional features, the Alfa Romeo 4C is forever raising the bar on what drivers can expect from a true su...

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Jorge Lorenzo's second special helmet

The new helmet that many times champion Jorge Lorenzo - official fan of Alfa Romeo for the whole of 2014 - will be wearing for the qualifiers and race at the "Hertz British Grand Prix", the twelfth stage of the MotoGP 2014 season on the legendary Silverstone track in the United Kingdom, w...

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